Antique Switchblade Knives


Welcome to my site.  Here you will find various pictures of antique switchblade and vintage switchblade knives.  I have a passionate interest in antique switchblade and vintage switchblade knives plus a deep interest in photography and graphic design so this website has given me an opportunity to combine all my skills and hobbies into one site.  I am interested in any type of knife that opens with a spring loaded release mechanism.

Nearly every country in the world produced automatic knives over the past few centuries

and they vary quite a lot, but the one thing in common is a blade that flies open with a spring:

- Switchblade stilettos (large and small)

- Press button or push button knives

- Lever operated or lever-lock knives

- Spring loaded dirks

If you have any knives like these for sale please contact me.  Working knives are preferred but some in non-working condition may also be of interest to me.  You can contact me here:


Antique switchblade knives from around the world